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Why I Honor The American Flag Essay


Why I Honor The American Flag Essay

Regardless of whether we take a gander at our country’s flag amid the Pledge of Allegiance, the national song of devotion, or to beware of the heading of the breeze, the greater part of us feel a feeling of pride. Pride in being a place where there is majority rule government, opportunity and freedom.

Be that as it may, I additionally take a gander at our flag through the eyes of a needle worker — not Betsy Ross, but rather me, a mother who has made dresses, playclothes and Halloween outfits for her little girls for two decades.

As a needle worker I perceive how our flag is assembled, and it’s genuinely perplexing. Some countries’ flags are huge squares of shading, or even one shading with a picture imprinted on it. No sewing past the trims around the edges.

Our flag is pieced. That means each stripe joined to the following and completed off so that there are no free strings. The blue field is pieced and completed in that same way, and afterward stars are weaved on, a procedure that requires some time when done by hand.

Following are the triumphant essays:

By Jefferson Brown (child of David and Cynthia Brown)

The American flag means numerous things to me. It symbolizes pride, delight, quality and capacity. These all come from the flag of the extraordinary nation we live in.

The flag symbolizes pride, the pride of our nation, ourselves and pride for our flag of America. It gives trust, it gives pride, the flag is an image of our pride in our nation.

The flag speaks to euphoria for the legends who stood tall shielding our nation. Happiness when the warriors came home to every one of us. The delight of one, the delight of all is in the flag that flies high above us, the flag remains for happiness in America.

Quality is in the flag, and the quality is in the hearts of all the American individuals. The quality is in our Army, quality in the individuals who lost a friend or family member on those occasions when we stood tall. The quality is in one, the quality is taking all things together. It is in America, that stands tall.

To wrap things up, capacity. The flag remains for capacity. Capacity is within each one of us, it is our main thing. We are greater at some things than others. Some of us can run or hop superior to other people, or we can draw or write better, however the fact of the matter is that we as a whole should unite our capacities similarly as though we were hues on the American flag, the hues come together to make the flag. Similarly as we should, all assembled as one.

Freedom, boldness and respect are only a couple of symbolizations of the American flag. Each flag remains for something, yet for Americans, the flag symbolizes considerably more that the nation it flies in. The American flag symbolizes the general population in the nation and what numerous people have done for it, including giving their lives. Numerous wars have been battled under the American flag, urging each man to remain solid. The solidarity in the flag is distant from everyone else enough to symbolize America, yet the efforts and battles that have occurred, cannot be looked past.

One country under God, the loyalty states. As Americans promise devotion to the American flag guaranteeing to he one country under the unrivaled God, individuals over the sea are being slaughtered for appealing to this God. Freedom of discourse and religion are just two of the numerous freedoms Americans have. To different nations, to have the capacity to supplicate, even quietly, to God, isn’t known about, yet American’s come together and vow to be a country under God, without punishment. The American flag flies high and pleased just in that, however the valor it appears as it waves in the breeze helps us to remember the American individuals.

The hues red, white and blue remain for me and you. Every one of the men who kicked the bucket and every one of the ones who cried. So we could be free.

The American flag is the best image of the U.S. what’s more, our freedom. Numerous men and women have battled to make the U.S. what it is and a considerable lot of them have kicked the bucket so we could have a top notch life.

I have never been alive for critical occasions like the Civil War, or any of the World Wars with the exception of the war in Iraq. I remember the day of 9/11. I was in the second grade when it occurred, however I remember it like it happened yesterday..

I remember watching the Twin Towers fall and watching the general population running and shouting. I was astonished. Be that as it may, the majority of all, I was stunned. I couldn t see how that could transpire.

I have finally acknowledged why things like that transpire; they are envious. They are envious of our government, “By the general population, of the general population and for the general population.” They are desirous of our residents, however a large portion of all, they are desirous of our freedom.

I for one surmise that we underestimate our freedom. Regular at school, we say the Pledge of Allegiance, yet I simply say it like I’m a robot. I don’t focus on the what the words mean.

At that point as of late, I pondered and understood this, “I promise faithfulness to the flag of the United States of America,” means to me that each morning, we vow our devotion to this nation as it were.

Normally, Betsy Ross definitely knew George Ross as she had hitched his nephew. Furthermore, Betsy was likewise familiar with the incomparable General Washington. Not exclusively did they both love at Christ Church in Philadelphia, however Betsy’s seat was by George and Martha Washington’s seat. Her little girl reviewed, “That she was already very much familiar with Washington, and that he had frequently been in her home in amicable visits, and in addition on business. That she had weaved unsettles for his shirt chests and sleeves, and that it was incompletely attributable to his companionship for her that she was made the flag.”

In June 1776, courageous Betsy was a widow attempting to maintain her own upholstery business.

Upholsterers in provincial America chipped away at furniture as well as did all way of sewing work, which for some included making flags. As per Betsy, General Washington demonstrated her a harsh plan of the flag that incorporated a six-pointed star.

Betsy, a standout with the scissors, showed . Awed, the council endowed Betsy with making our first flag.

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