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History of Photography Essay Examples


History of Photography Essay Examples

1) What are fields of science that photography was used in the 19th C., and who were the pioneers of each field? What kind of role did such development of photography play in each field? Draw diverse examples from the three different class materials.

In the 19th century, photography was used in the field of history. Roger Fenton (1819-1869) documented the siege of Sebastopol during the Crimean War (Advances in photography in the 19th century,” n.d.). Fenton took numerous still shots of officers on the battlefield during this war. The resultant images provided an objective testament to the wrecks of civil war. 

In fine arts, George Eastman 1888 introduced a camera incorporating roll film. It played a major role in the history of photography since it was not required to carry a dark room. It made filming easier. 

In the media field, the invention of the halftone plate in the 1890s made it possible to reproduce photographs in large quantities. It ensured that photographs could be reproduced in books and magazines. 

2. What major apparatuses helped photograph the world beyond the visible? 

Charge-coupled devices (CCD) and electronic detectors (“Visible-light detectors and instruments/Astronomy,” n.d.)

3) What were the difficulties in astronomical photography during the first three decades in the history of photography? 

The daguerreotype plates were weak insensitivity, producing faint images even after long exposure. The available technology could not accumulate photons over a long duration of time. 

4) What were the two main theories that impeded the systematic photographic practice of the appearance of the human body and mind? What were the contributions and detractions of such a practice? Explain them with examples. Please give at least two examples.

Symbolic interactionism and structural functionalism. The contributions were the repetitive interactions, while the detractors lacked a proper systematic way of doing things. Case in point, failure to bring out an abstract idea. Another example would be a misrepresentation of the actual images.


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