Environmental Policy

Sandy Paper recognises its responsibility to protect and preserve the environment. We are committed to analysing every aspect of our business in terms of the impact it has on the environment and to take positive action to reduce that impact.

Our goal is to achieve continuous environmental improvement. We will comply with all current legislation and where possible act in anticipation of future environmental legislation. We base our environmental programmes around the principles of reduction and reuse. We are committed to continuous review.


To review the energy used in the manufacturing of our products and to reduce the energy required per unit.

To review and reduce the energy used in non-manufacturing areas of our business.

Raw Materials

  • Paper

To use recycled paper products where it is possible and meets the requirements of our customers.

When using paper that contains virgin fibre, to ensure that this fibre has come from a source which is suitably managed and where possible certified to a Forestry management scheme.

  • Chemicals and Inks

To use products which give the required performance but have the lowest possible environmental impact in manufacturing and use.

  • Packaging

To use packaging which will protect our products from abuse and contamination whilst maintaining low environmental impact.


To reduce waste within the manufacturing processes and to cut down the waste generated by administrative functions. Any waste that is produced should be recycled or reused if possible but where it is not environmentally and safely disposed of.

This policy is communicated to all employees and is reviewed regularly Management for its continuing suitability.




Paper bags made from 100% recycled paper