About Us

Our vision at Sandy Paper is to innovate, improvise and impress, by providing a complete paper and packaging solution from recycled raw material (or 'virgin' if required) through design, print, conversion to delivery of finished product. Currently we employ over 230 people and we are the largest integrated paper bag manufacturer in the US, specialising in the conversion of 100% recycled papers, in both white and brown post consumer and post industrial waste based grades.

In order to maintain our market position Sandy Paper invests heavily in new product development, these programmes remain a key element of our strategic objectives. It is because of our investment that we are unique in being able to offer a ‘one stop shop’, in that our reprographics studio is able to turn your concepts into printed bags in a matter of days.

Quality standards are paramount, and it is supplying the best quality bags that has allowed us to have relationships with some of our clients for over 20 years. Our comprehensive quality control laboratory tests all properties of our products, from formation and strength, to the finished print quality.

Our production facilities have the capacity to produce over 60 million paper bags per week, from a combination of standard size sulphite and kraft flat bags to more specialised satchel and SOS grab bags and handled carriers.

We currently have the capacity to produce 2 million bags per week for the food service sector, incorporating sandwich bars, coffee shops and ethnic takeaway food market. We also manufacture a wide range of superior quality fashion carriers, which are all available in full colour process.




Reprographics studio designing personalised paper bags